Message from our CEO - Mrs Floyd Larsen

I’m extremely passionate about cancer research and about the real impact it can have on the lives of every Australian.  Currently, one in two Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. We are determined to change this statistic through research.

I have always had a strong belief in the power of research and development. It’s been central to career positions I’ve held, philanthropic and otherwise. But my drive to improve the statistics for cancer suffers is also a personal one. Many of us have been touched by this disease either directly or indirectly – I have and the impact was enormous on my family. This has deepened my resolve to join the fight against cancer and make a difference.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting many of the researchers that Cure Cancer Australia funds. They have all just started their careers in cancer research, and they are all brilliant, passionate scientists with ground breaking ideas. They are the future.

Scientists at the beginning of their careers have different ideas and challenging perspectives that quite often prove to be right, there is a proven track record of this. One of our esteemed alumni Professor Martin Tattersall, AO wisely stated that “Most brilliant ideas occur before you’re 40”, which is why I’m so supportive of Cure Cancer Australia’s concept.

We know that our approach works, because so many of the emerging researchers we support go on to become Australia’s most renowned cancer specialists. Our alumni include researchers at the top of their field in Australia’s major research institutes, hospitals, and universities.

As well as incredible alumni, Cure Cancer Australia has a wonderful collective force of supporters including our Principal Supporter, Can Too, who make what we do possible.  

My driving vision for Cure Cancer Australia is to increase its presence as Australia’s primary funder of emerging researchers across all cancers. Currently significantly less than 20 per cent of research ideas receive funding which means that sadly, most research never progresses. I want to dramatically change that statistic.

I am feeling incredibly charged by the task at hand. As we near the foundation’s 50th anniversary, I am committed to spreading the word about Cure Cancer Australia’s achievements to as many Australians as possible. With the community’s support we can really grow and that’s exciting. Ultimately, everyone has a chance to play their part.

We cannot cure cancer without your help. 

Mrs Floyd Larsen - CEO, Cure Cancer Australia