"My experience has strengthened my belief that the only way we will find a cure for cancer and improve patient treatment and outcomes

is by continuing to invest in research.”

At the end of 2015 John was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fortunately, his cancer was discovered early, successfully removed and he made a rapid recovery.

His experience was very different to that of his father who also had prostate cancer 15 years ago.

John told us:

“What struck me was how much things had changed. I remember the brutal treatment my father went through with major surgery and significant side effects. I had keyhole surgery and recovered relatively quickly.”

The developments made in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer are undoubtedly saving lives.

Thanks to your support, we have funded the work of several leading prostate cancer researchers.

Professor Pamela Russell AM, is a leading example of how supporting innovative researchers early in their careers can lead to life-saving discoveries.

Pamela received funding from Cure Cancer Australia between 1988 and 1996.

Now based at the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre in Queensland, her laboratory is renowned worldwide for its research.

Pamela has received numerous awards and international recognition for her work including, in 2003, the Membership of the Order of Australia (AM).

Pamela remains grateful for the support she received from Cure Cancer Australia early in her career:

“It can be very difficult for early-career researchers to gain funding for their ideas. That is why it is so important for organisations like Cure Cancer Australia to keep supporting young people in their endeavours.”

With your help, we can continue to invest in brilliant young researchers and help more people like John have a positive outcome.

John was happy to share his experience as he firmly believes that it is only through research that a cure will be found. He told us:

“This is a cause I am very passionate about and I am proud to have joined the Board of Directors of Cure Cancer Australia in October 2016 to play my part to help cure cancer. I strongly encourage everyone to support Cure Cancer Australia in any way they can.”

We are delighted and honoured that John has joined our Board and for the contribution he is making. John talks about his experience here.

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