Chris & Tanya - A Wedding Story

Chris and Tanya's Cure Cancer Australia Wedding

When Chris and Tanya generously offered to help raise money for Cure Cancer Australia at their wedding, their event became more memorable than ever.


Offering wedding favours to your guests is one of those age-old traditions that has stood the test of time. Way-back-when, favours mostly took the form of sugared almonds, but these days they can range from personalised lollies through to thongs, sunglasses and anything in between!

For Chris and Tanya, wedding favours took on a different guise altogether;

‘I was only 6 when my mum lost her battle to cancer. She was just 40 at the time’ explains Tanya. ‘Not having my mum present on my wedding day was heartbreaking, and I wanted to acknowledge the beautiful person I know she was.’


Tanya and Chris made a donation to Cure Cancer Australia, and in return we provided the couple with personalised cards for each of their guests which explained that a donation had been made in their honour. As an added touch, Tanya and Chris gifted each of their guests with a Cure Cancer Australia pin, providing a meaningful keepsake that would serve as a beautiful reminder of their special day.

‘We thought donation cards in lieu of wedding favours was an ideal opportunity to help raise funds for a cause that is dear to our hearts,’ says Tanya. ‘For us, it was a great way to pay tribute to Mum and to everyone else on the guest list that I knew had been directly affected by cancer. This also included my amazing dad who underwent cancer surgery and was only discharged from hospital a week prior to the wedding.’


The couple were incredibly excited to showcase something special to their wedding guests. ‘We felt like doing things this way had so much meaning. Our guests’ reaction was something you would only dream of – we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw everyone proudly wearing their Cure Cancer Australia pins, we were so incredibly humbled with their support.  Some people were still wearing them the next day!’

Tanya and Chris chose to support Cure Cancer Australia because they wanted to raise money for a national charity that funds all types of cancer research. ‘The team at Cure Cancer Australia were so genuinely interested in my story and excited for our pending marriage,’ says Tanya.


Encouraging donations instead of asking for gifts is also a fantastic way of raising funds for Cure Cancer Australia on your wedding day, or at any other celebratory event. If you’d like to raise money for Cure Cancer Australia at your special event, head to our In Celebration page for more information. For just $3 per card, you can support Cure Cancer Australia just like Chris and Tanya . If you would like to offer a pin to each guest too, we ask for a minimum donation of $8 per card.

By showing your support on your special occasion, you’ll be bringing us ever closer to achieving our goal – let’s make this the last generation to die from cancer.

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