Cure Cancer Hosts Intimate Event to Celebrate the Cure Cancer Collaboration

Cure Cancer Hosts Intimate Event to Celebrate the Cure Cancer Collaboration

Last month, Cure Cancer were delighted to welcome a small group of valued collaborators for a very special event…


In celebration of our valued collaborators and supporters, Cure Cancer recently hosted an intimate event at our Sydney head office. The evening was an opportunity to explore how the organisation has grown and evolved over its 51-year history, and thank those who have made this possible.

Attended by guests including Cure Cancer Chairman Philip Corne, Cure Cancer Director and Collaboration Member Paul Lewis MBE, Cure Cancer Lifetime Member Vicky Kvisle OAM and valued supporters alumna Professor Rosemary Balleine and Robert Denton, the group enjoyed canapés and light refreshments whilst browsing historical documents including auction catalogues, correspondence and record books dating from 1967 and our origins as the Jenny Leukemia Trust, right through to the present day.


Philip Corne welcomed the group and began the series of presentations with Cure Cancer’s 50th anniversary video. Guests then moved into the main office where a timeline of Cure Cancer’s history and achievements was unveiled.

Next followed a Q&A session hosted by Cure Cancer Research Manager, Kate Christian, and Cure Cancer Alumnus, Prof. Roger Reddel, focusing on the developments and changes in cancer research over the last 51 years.

Prof Reddel pointed out that a major change in the past decades has been the dramatic increase in the collaborative nature of research, both nationally and internationally. In his own work, Prof Reddel works collaboratively with colleagues all over the world and receives emails discussing new angles from near and far every day. The impact of their work is greatly increased by the sharing of their expertise and their resources. The other major development has been the use of computing and “big data”. Prof Balleine explained that she, a pathologist, can use her medical training in conjunction with the power of modern computing to rapidly work through data from a very large numbers of patient samples.

 Vicky Kvisle then took guests through the timeline, referencing key moments in Cure Cancer’s history. Vicky’s family have been intrinsic to Cure Cancer since its inception, and it was moving to hear the personal stories and memories she was able to share with the group.


The presentations were rounded off by Cure Cancer CEO, Nikki Kinloch, and Paul Lewis, who discussed the importance of collaboration in both the research space and in supporting the growth of organisations like Cure Cancer. Paul also took guests through Cure Cancer’s newly launched Cure Cancer Collaboration; an exclusive alliance of like-minded philanthropists who invest a minimum annual donation of $1,000 to support our brightest early-career cancer researchers. 

Our Collaboration members work in partnership with other dedicated individuals who are passionate about supporting groundbreaking, innovative ideas in the shared belief that this is the key to curing cancer.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us at the event.

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