Cure Cancer Researchers Head to Cambodia!

Cure Cancer Researchers Head to Cambodia!

Cure Cancer alumni Dr Fernando Guimaraes and Dr Lisa Mielke were recently invited to attend a medical conference in Cambodia to share their immunology knowledge.


It’s not every day that you’re invited to travel across the ocean and teach in a foreign country but for Dr Fernando Guimaraes and Dr Lisa Mielke, this was an experience they couldn’t turn down.

Late last year, our Cure Cancer alumni travelled to Cambodia to attend the inaugural Advanced School of Innate Immunity at the Institute Pasteur Cambodia. This prestigious invitation from the Institut Pasteur Network saw them join several highly-esteemed guest lecturers to deliver a two-week intensive course on innate immune responses to medical graduate and postgraduate students of the Asia and Oceania Pasteur network.

The Institut Pasteur is one of France’s leading science and medical centres, with their core mission being the transfer of knowledge. For Fernando and Lisa who are both based at the Walter and Elizabeth Institute of Medical Research, the opportunity allowed them to interact with talented young scientists and medical professionals and examine the current state of global health issues and trending medical data.

Giving Back to the Medical Community

Dr Fernando Guimaraes received funding from Cure Cancer in 2017 and 2018 for his work in the field of immunotherapy for melanoma. This opportunity at Insitut Pasteur was a chance for him to give back to the medical community. “It was a pleasure to have joined Institute Pasteur to lecture at their prestigious immunology school. As a former Pasteurien it is important to promote high quality research and training across the network and throughout the world. This was a priceless opportunity for my professional development. The intense interest from the students during the training and the expression of their appreciation also increases my personal satisfaction in my career. I look forward to observing the success of the students in the near future”.

For Dr Lisa Mielke, a 2013 and 2017 grant recipient who specialises in immune cells and their relationship with the bowel, this experience allowed her to broaden her medical teaching skills. She says, “The students attending the Institut Pasteur Immunology course were mostly medical students from developing countries. It was a privilege to pass on my knowledge to them, while further developing my own teaching skills. After getting to know the students, seeing their enthusiasm for knowledge and generosity towards us, I have high hopes for the future of medicine and science in Cambodia.”

As an expression of appreciation, the students presented Lisa and Fernando with multiple local gifts and a sunset cruise along the famous Mekong River in Phnom Penh.

How You Can Help

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