Pitching Your Story to Media: A Guide for BARBECURE Hosts

Pitching Your Story to Media: A Guide for BARBECURE Hosts

So you’ve decided to host a BARBECURE – well done, you! Here is a guide on how to pitch your story and passion for the cause to your local media

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BARBECURE is a fantastic initiative, and one that you should be proud of taking part in. The money you raise will go towards supporting crucial cancer research from some of Australia’s brightest brains. With one Australian dying every twelve minutes from cancer, what could be more important than that?

By letting your community know that you’re taking part in BARBECURE, you can inspire others to join in and help raise even more money for cancer research. We’ve put together a quick, easy guide that you can use for pitching your story to the local press…

  • Start by familiarising yourself with your local media outlets. Think about radio, tv, print and online, and compile a list of potential channels to connect with. You can find contact details for most places by doing a quick Google search and looking on their website. If you can, try to find specific contacts as it can be difficult to access the right person through a generic number or email address.
  • Put together a short, snappy media release that you can email directly to your list, or use as speaking notes over the phone. Make sure you share your personal story and motive for doing what you’re doing. Is there a special reason that you’ve chosen to host a BARBECURE? What inspired your decision? Why does supporting cancer research matter to you? Try to keep your pitch fairly brief - remember, they are writing the story, so you just need to get your main points across. You can use the template below to help you:

(NAME) is hosting a BARBECURE to raise money for Cure Cancer Australia!

Cure Cancer Australia are a not-for-profit organisation that exclusively support early-career cancer researchers who have bright, innovative ideas, working cross all areas of research and all cancer types. They identify, assess and fund the research which they believe has the best possible chance of finding a cure. I’ve decided to raise money for them because (SHARE YOUR STORY).

One Australian dies every twelve minutes from cancer, and the only way we can change this is through research. I would love for (NAME OF MEDIA OUTLET) to share my story so that we can encourage more people in the local community to get involved, raise money for crucial cancer research, and help me to achieve my fundraising goal of (SHARE YOUR $ GOAL).


Together, I believe we can make this the last generation to die from cancer.



  • Before contacting anyone, make sure you think about why the story would work for that particular news outlet. Do they have a history of covering local community stories? Is there a unique angle that might appeal to them? Try to emphasise how the story is relevant to them in your pitch.
  • Stagger your pitches in order of preference. If you don’t hear back within a day or two, follow up with a phone call. If you’re still unsuccessful, move onto the next outlet on your list. 
  • Visuals can be really eye-catching, so make sure you take advantage of our BARBECURE selfie frames and include the snaps in your pitch. If you don’t get any take up, you could follow up with some high-res images post-event and a quick wrap up of how the day went. You never know, you may pick up some interest once you BARBECURE has actually taken place.
  • Remember, all media outlets have deadlines. Most local media work to fairly short deadlines, but it’s worth getting in touch a week or two before your event to get the best chance of coverage.
  • Don’t be disheartened if your story doesn’t get picked up straight away – often you’ll hear back when you least expect it!
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