Riders Gather Across the Globe for Ride Sunday

Riders Gather Across the Globe for Ride Sunday

Keen motorcyclists – including our superstar fundraisers Tori and Tanya – took to the open road for a good cause last Sunday.

Known as the international day of riding, last weekend’s annual Ride Sunday event saw motorcyclists from countries as far flung as Spain, Brazil and our very own Australia get on their bikes to raise money for causes they connect with.

We were delighted to have 68 motorcyclists revving up their engines for Cure Cancer Australia, raising an astonishing $12,000 and counting!

For some, raising money in support of cancer research was particularly poignant. Rider Tori Spooner and her friend Tanya Koch decided to take part as a tribute to Tori’s mum, who has been battling incurable lung cancer for two and a half years.

‘Mum’s been through every test, consultation, medical procedure, drug side effect, cancer side effect and health-related bad news imaginable, but she still always finds the positives in everything,’ says Tori. ‘She loves life. But instead of enjoying the next twenty years of retirement, whatever short time she has left is dependent on her chemo schedule or how much pain she has each day. It sucks. It's unfair. It doesn't ever go away, it just gets stronger. I hate it every single day and I don't want anyone else to have to deal with this rubbish.’

Tori – with the support of her close friend Tanya – decided to take part in Ride Sunday and raise money for Cure Cancer Australia, because they believe in the importance of funding innovative researchers working across all types of cancer. ‘Although they can't cure my mum, what if in ten years’ time they can cure yours?’ says Tori.

Both Tori and Tanya have been blown away by the generosity of their supporters, having collectively raised over $6000. ‘The default fundraising goal on Ride Sunday is $1000 and I actually halved it because I thought I could maybe raise $500. Here we are now with over $6000 between us and more to come!’

Tori (who is currently one of the top fundraisers at this years’ event) hopes the money raised as a result of Ride Sunday will help researchers in their search for a cure. Nevertheless, it was touch-and-go as to whether she would even be able to get involved this year. ‘I never committed to taking part in rides because Mum's health is so unpredictable now and she's my priority, so I rarely plan anything more than a day or two in advance,’ explains Tori. ‘We knew she would be half way through a ten day round of radiotherapy by last weekend. The last two radio treatments she had resulted in some pretty bad side effects that I needed to be around to help her with.’

Luckily, Tori’s mum reacted better to the next round of radiotherapy, so Tanya came up with the idea of doing a Cure Cancer Australia fundraiser ride within a couple of hours reach of Tori’s mum’s house. ‘It ended up just being the two of us and that was fine. I was leading the whole way as I knew the route, but unfortunately Tanya overtook a very slow car we were stuck behind and ended up in front, which lead to her missing the turn off to Mt Victoria!’

Tori and Tanya ended up on a direct route to Lithgow, which neither were dressed warmly enough for ‘I spent 20kms cursing her name and crying from the extreme cold!’ laughs Tori. ‘There's a very real wind chill factor when you're out in the open, travelling at 100kph and can't even keep your body moving for warmth!’

Luckily, the pair completed their ride and managed to thaw out over a hot lunch. 

Thank you to Tori, Tanya and all those who took part in Ride Sunday to help raise money for Cure Cancer Australia. We are so incredibly grateful! Together, let’s make this the last generation to die from cancer.

Donate to Tori’s page here: https://www.ridesunday.com/fundraisers/ToriSpooner82


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With your help, we can continue to fund early-career researchers, who are working across ALL cancers and ALL areas of cancer research.

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