Spread the word with a selfie!


Who doesn’t love a selfie? Next time you snap yours, why not put it to good use and help support BARBECURE!

Selfie Example.png


Whether you’re planning your next BARBECURE or just keen to get behind the initiative, we’ve come up with a fun and quirky way to help all our snap-happy supporters spread the word! And if you love a selfie, you’ll love this…

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions below to snap your selfie and help spread the word about BARBECURE:

1. Head to curecancer.com.au/barbecureselfie

2. Scroll through our custom-made frames and select your favourite

3. Snap your BARBECURE selfie!

4. Once you’re happy with the image, input your details, click OK and voila! Your selfie will appear in our BARBECURE gallery (just scroll down to see it).

We’ll then email you a copy of your selfie which we’d love for you to share across your social networks, hashtagging #barbecure and #curecancer, and tagging @curecancerau.

By doing this, you’ll help to spread the word about BARBECURE and encourage more people to take part. The more people get behind the campaign, the more funds we’ll raise, bringing us ever closer to achieving our goal.

Let’s cure cancer Australia, one BARBECURE selfie at a time!

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