Our Top Training Tips for Runners

Our Top Training Tips for Runners

Interested in running for Cure Cancer Australia, but need some help getting race ready? Look no further – this one’s for you!

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First thing’s first – pick an event! We’ve got heaps listed on our events calendar. Once you find one you like the look of, sign up and get things started.

A fixed race date will help you stay focused and stick to your running schedule. Remember, you can run any race you like as long as you leave yourself enough time to train for it.

Get Started

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If you’ve never run before it’s best to build up your fitness levels steadily:

·         Start with combined run/walks, running for one minute and walking for four.

·         Gradually build this up until you are running for twice the amount of time you spend walking.

By doing this you’ll help to prevent painful injuries and build up your ability to run for longer.


As well as the physical side of things, it’s important to get yourself into the right frame of mind:

·         Keep reminding yourself WHY you are running for Cure Cancer Australia.

·         Create a visual board of images and messages that inspire you.

·         Put together a playlist of energising tracks to listen to on your runs.


Make sure you put together a nice, simple training plan that’s easy to stick to:

·         Start by running two to three times a week, and then build this up as you approach race day.

·         Put your workout clothes out where you can see them as a reminder to train.

·         Treat yourself to a nice hot shower or tasty smoothie after your training so your brain starts associating exercise with an immediate reward. 

What you'll need


You don’t need to spend a fortune on special running gear, but it is important to invest in the best pair of running shoes you can afford to avoid injury:

·         Go to a specialty running shop and talk to the store assistants, who will be able to advise on the best type of shoe for your individual needs

·         Don’t go for the pair of shoes that look the best, make sure you invest in shoes that will help you through your training and on the day of the race. Remember to replace your shoes every 500km to 800km.

·         If your budget will allow, invest in some running tights or shorts made of technical fabrics that are super comfy and will help to keep moisture from the skin. 

Up and Running

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Once you’ve started training, there are a few things you should bear in mind:

·         Your aim is to get fit without getting hurt. Pushing yourself before your body is ready will result in injury and set your training program back.

·         Some muscle aches and pains are normal, but you shouldn’t ignore anything for too long. Any sharp, persistent pains that worsen with movement should be well rested or followed up with a doctor.

·         Prevent fatigue by taking breaks before you need to. Pacing yourself properly will allow you to finish each workout feeling strong.


Don’t forget to join our Team Cure Cancer Australia Facebook Group, where you can connect with other runners, stay motivated, and share all your favourite running hints and tips!

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