Our Principal Supporter – Can Too Foundation

Can Too Foundation has been the Principal Supporter of Cure Cancer since 2005, directly resulting in 143 emerging Australian cancer researchers.

Can Too is an independent health promotion foundation that invests in two things:

1. Cancer Prevention

Providing supportive group training programs led by qualified coaches; Can Too promotes healthy lifestyles, reducing the risk of one-third of cancers which are lifestyle-related, through increased physical activity.

2. Australian Cancer Research

Partnering with organisations like Cure Cancer, who have been Can Too’s major beneficiary since being established in 2005.

Can Too has helped nearly 14,000 participants to achieve goals they never thought possible. Can Tooers have found their feet by learning how to run under qualified and experience coaches for marathons, half marathons, trail runs; faced their fears by learning how to ocean swim in a safe, supportive environment; entered the world of multisport by training for their very first triathlon; and in 2017, launched a totally new offering – Can Too Sing.

Through the hard work of their dedicated community the Can Too Foundation have raised $20 million for cancer research and prevention and are looking towards $50 million by 2018.

Join the fight at www.cantoo.org.au.


‘We train rain, hail or shine. We run further that we ever knew we could. We face our fears and learn to ocean swim and compete triathlons. We join our voices and learn how to sing. We’re committed to creating hope, by funding cancer research, because we understand nothing we face compares to being diagnosed with cancer.’ -

Annie Crawford, Founder, Can Too Foundation 


About Annie Crawford AM


Originally a social worker, working in community mental health and sexual assault, Annie moved into human resources before helping to set up a biotechnology start-up in San Francisco, California.

After returning to Australia in 2003, rather than re-enter the paid workforce, Annie devoted herself to a new project that was all about "making a difference". 

An accredited running coach and self-confessed "running addict" – Annie decided to combine her passion for running and fitness with raising money for a non-profit organisation. And so, the idea for Can Too was born. Five months later, in May 2005, the first Can Too program was up and running. 

"I liked the idea of raising funds that went to cancer research – and so the money we raise goes toward funding researchers in all areas of cancer. I hoped that the idea of matching fitness incentives with a good cause would resonate with Australians, but never in my wildest dreams did I think we would raise $20 million and train over 11,000 people." 

"For many of our participants, completing a Can Too program is totally life changing. It’s not just about the physical challenge. The transformation that occurs from making the impossible achievable, from putting yourself out there, taking risks, setting goals and doing something for others – is profound. I get such a kick out of this – it keeps me inspired and motivated every single day to keep doing what we’re doing," she said.