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Leave a legacy

Leaving a lasting gift to Cure Cancer in your will enables you to make a real difference to future generations. By helping to fund the brightest minds in scientific research, your legacy will live on in the hearts of those you touch.

Many people are alive today because of cancer research that has been funded in the past. By leaving behind a donation, you will by contributing to a better future – one we hope is cancer-free.

How Can We Help?

Are you interested in leaving a gift to Cure Cancer in your will? Let us know how we can make this easier for you by answering the below questions:

How to prepare your legacy?

There are many different ways to support Cure Cancer in your will. You might wish to consider:

·         A residual gift – a share (or whole) of your estate

·         A percentage of the overall value of your estate

·         A specified sum

·         Other assets, such as real estate, shares, bonds, jewellery or artwork

Whatever you decide, know that you will be leaving behind a lasting legacy by giving the gift of life.

We’re always on hand to talk through the options with you. Give Michelle a call on 02 8072 6188 or email info@curecancer.com.au.

You can also download a copy of our brochure, The Will to Cure Cancer, here

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