Annual Report Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23)

A message from our CEO

FY23 has been a year of significant growth for Cure Cancer as we scale for the future. Thanks to a focus on innovation and new fundraising initiatives our donor base has grown by 158% since 2018. 

This growth marks an exciting new chapter for Cure Cancer, fostering a united movement dedicated to finding a cure.  

We revamped our brand to create a more distinct identity, aiming to reach and engage diverse donor communities, acknowledging that cancer can impact anyone, regardless of background. 

Also, thanks to your incredible support, we funded 13 new research projects this year, focused on childhood cancer, blood cancer, gynaecological cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, oesophageal adenocarcinoma, melanoma, and immunotherapy. The response to our grants program was immense, with over a hundred applicants, highlighting how important it is to support emerging researchers. 
In 2024, we are making a commitment to increase our funding by an additional 50%. To make this a reality, we have been working hard to engage as wide an audience as possible, by investing in and fine-tuning our tech infrastructure, staffing and market research. Every dollar in support of our growth has been allocated with careful consideration, because we want to ensure the best use of your donations in the long term.  

Your contributions helped drive our fundraising events and initiatives to new heights this year. Together, we raised a record $240,000 at our World’s Best BYO, where we unveiled “Beauty in Breakthroughs”, an exhibit of rare images that captured the moment of scientific breakthroughs from our brilliant Cure Cancer-funded scientists – a first in our 56-year history. 

Your efforts at City2Surf, Melbourne Marathon, Bridge2Brisbane, and other races all over the country raised an incredible $280,000. And let's not forget those fantastic BarbeCUREs you organised—altogether raising a whopping $176,000 for ground-breaking cancer research.  
Our Game On Cancer® community achieved a massive milestone—raising over $1,000,000 since its inception four years ago. Today, Game On Cancer® works with thousands of creators, brands and partners to fundraise for its campaigns such as the annual Holiday Spectacular and Superhero Streamers. Half of the $1 million raised came in the last 18 months alone – which speaks to the growing enthusiasm from all corners of the gaming community to support cancer research. 

Your incredible support has been the key to all of these triumphs. You helped us dream bigger and aim higher. Knowing that you're a part of this inspiring community makes us proud and keeps us motivated to work towards a better future for those affected by cancer. Thank you for making 2023 an amazing year.
We have so much more in store for the new year and we can’t wait to share more details of our next research cohort and their exciting projects in 2024.  

Nikki Kinloch
Cure Cancer CEO

What your support means

Our Tax Appeal raised over $87,000 this year, our highest ever. We could not be more grateful to share Buzz Wilson's story for this campaign.

Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at 19, Buzz underwent a groundbreaking clinical trial where he worked closely with Dr Ashley Ng, a previous Cure Cancer grant recipient.

Our goal as an organisation is to shape a future where stories like Buzz's are commonplace, where cancer isn't seen as a death sentence.

Buzz Wilson
Game On Cancer fundraiser
Acute lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) survivor

Dr Ashley Ng
Blood cancer researcher
2011 Cure Cancer grant recipient

“I still look back and think that doing the clinical trial made such a difference to how I came out the other side as a person as a whole. Three months after I started treatment, I was put into remission. The effects of the trial kicked in really quickly and made it very worth being a part of."

- Buzz Wilson

“Being funded by Cure Cancer was one of the things that allowed me to continue with my research. If researchers don't get additional funding after their PhDs, they may end up leaving the field and they won't be able to make discoveries that will benefit patients.” 

- Dr Ashley Ng

The achievements you have made possible in FY23

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Dr Chen Li

Breast Cancer Researcher

Dr Danielle Bond

Blood Cancer Researcher

Dr Lauren Aoude

Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Researcher

Dr Mara Zeissig

Lung Cancer Researcher

Dr Susan Christo

Immunology Researcher

Dr Yuchen Feng

Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Researcher

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