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Donate in memory of a loved one

Can provide crucial protective lab gear for our researchers
Funds one hour of life-saving research
Helps pay for microscopy to identify cancer-fighting immune cells in tumours
Can help provide lab supplies for up to ten vital experiments

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Donate in memory of a loved one

A memorial donation is a thoughtful way to remember someone close to you, and at the same time give hope for the future. It is only through research that we will find a cure.

How can I donate in memory of a loved one?

Firstly, we’d like to start by offering our sincere condolences for your loss, and to thank you for thinking of Cure Cancer during this challenging time. We promise to take the greatest care of your donation, ensuring it goes towards building better outcomes and ways of living for everyone that is touched by cancer.

There are many ways you can facilitate donations in memory of a loved one.

1. Create a page in memory

2. Envelopes at a service

3. Donate in memory of a loved one

Impact of your gift

Cure Cancer is dedicated to funding the top 1% of ground-breaking new research, across every cancer, from emerging scientists whose bold ideas are breaking new ground. 

Our community of donors, partners, researchers, and institutions are taking on every cancer, so nobody gets left behind. You gift will help us create an impact with better outcomes for cancer patients as quicky as we can.

Request envelopes for a service

Cure Cancer envelopes are available for funerals and memorial services. You or your funeral director can contact us for envleople prior to the service and we will send them to you.

Create a page in memory

You can create a bespoke page for your loved one, with a personalised link that you can share with friends and family. This is a thoughtful way of reaching those who might not be available to attend the service or to mark the anniversary of a loved one's passing.

Donation forms for a service

If you do not have time to order an envelope, we have created a downloadable donation form for funerals and memorial services that can be shared with your funeral home or loved ones by email or as a print out.

Search for an In Memory Page

Request envelopes for a service

Delivery of envelopes

Looking to make a one-off donation In Memory of a loved one?

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