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Our events alone raise an outstanding $180,000 each year! These funds enable us to kick-start new ideas with the most impact in cancer research. 

It wouldn't be possible to continue to run such fantastic events without the support of our amazing volunteers, so why not come and join us?!

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Melissa Sheppard - Sydney Marathon Volunteer

“I am supporting Cure Cancer as so many of my family and friends have been affected by cancer in many ways. As a volunteer, it feels nice to give back to community. We all need to work together to help find a cure. We can do that by supporting Cure Cancer wherever we can."

Gina - Events & Office Volunteer

“It has been amazing being part of the passionate and welcoming team at Cure Cancer. I have learned how to navigate the complex processes of event management and organisation, and given the opportunity to experience first-hand how important it is to invest in a young generation of researchers. This has made my time at Cure Cancer valuable, and most importantly, enjoyable!”

Kelly Pham

"Working with Cure Cancer has been such an amazing and emotional journey. I have had family members pass away from cancer so funding young researchers who are working on new and innovative approaches to cure the disease is very important to me. I have learned how to ensure an event runs smoothly and worked with very friendly and passionate people. Thank you Cure Cancer for having me as part of your team."

Fong - Office & Events Volunteer

“I'm always really excited to volunteer for Cure Cancer and help in any way I can. It's nice to be surrounded by amazing, talented and most of all, fun people.”

Akiko - Events Volunteer

"Volunteering for Cure Cancer was a great experience in which I found myself meeting so many new people and making just as many new friends along the way. It’s wonderful knowing that I was volunteering for such a valuable cause."

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***Special consideration may be made for volunteers aged under 18 years.

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