Aaron Harvie

BarbeCURE® Ambassador

“Cure cancer and eat BBQ? I mean seriously, why wouldn’t I support BarbeCURE???”

About Aaron

Aaron Harvie first became a household name via MasterChef, followed by MasterChef All Stars and, eventually, his own show, Love to Share. A former rock band manager, he is renowned for his high-energy approach to cooking and his love of all things Italian, Southern, Mexican and, of course, barbecue.

In fact, this former face of Zeigler & Brown barbecues is considered quite the barbecue guru and would cook every meal over flame and smoke if he could!

Aaron is also go-to guy for stay-at-home dads, with best-selling cookbooks, A House Husbands’ Guide and the sequel, A House Husbands’ Guide: Our Meal/ Their Meal, to his credit. The books were inspired by the food needs of his then-pregnant wife and, subsequently, their adorable daughter in her toddler years.

Keen to give back to the community, Aaron has served as an Australia Day Ambassador and is actively involved in charity work and has supported such causes as Room to Read, Giveability, the Brain Injury Awareness Week campaign Bangonabeanie, Movember and now BarbeCURE.

Aaron’s latest whacky YouTube project, Pimp My Noodles, has gone viral. With two more TV shows in the works, his wealth of ideas and enthusiasm will guarantee his household name status for years to come.

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