Brendan Pang

BarbeCURE® Ambassador

About Brendan

Chef, Author and owner of Bumplings

Brendan Pang is a Perth cook, author and owner of Bumplings, a dumpling kitchen located in Fremantle, WA. After being taught to make the wonton filled parcels of joy by his Grandmere at the age of nine, to winning the hearts and minds of Australians in his 2018 and 2020 MasterChef appearances, Brendan has continued to share his passion for food and cooking with others out there.

Whether it's at his cooking school, through his very own dumpling range at Woolies or on Instagram, it's evident that tasty approachable food is what shines bright with inspiration from Brendan's Chinese-Mauritian heritage.

Try Brendan’s Cumin Lamb Skewers with Yoghurt Flatbread on your bbq this summer!

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