What we do

Over the past 52 years, Cure Cancer has raised $66.2m to support lifesaving research across all cancer types. We’ve funded over 500 research grants to young researchers with groundbreaking, innovative ideas, many who have gone on to become leaders in cancer research globally.

Our vision is to make this the last generation to die from cancer.

why young researchers?

Cure Cancer supports researchers at the start of their careers, when few other funding bodies will take the chance.

In today's research environment, funding is incredibly tight, meaning research grants are few and far between. The majority are awarded to scientists who have a proven track record of results, so very few grants are available to young researchers.

This has led to potentially lifesaving research from incredibly talented young minds going unexplored. We’re here to change that.

Cure Cancer funds early-career researchers so that they can advance their research into cancer cures and preventions. Additionally, these grants increase their chances of gaining funding from other grant agencies in the future. Without this funding, many of our grant recipients would have never had the opportunity to make research breakthroughs that have changed countless lives.

By identifying, assessing and funding research at a time when ideas burn brightest, we have the best chance of achieving our mission to cure cancer for good.

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Dr Antonia Pritchard , 2013-14 grant recipient

Dr Antonia Pritchard, 2013-14 grant recipient

Since 1967, we’ve assembled a collective force of brilliant emerging researchers who offer pioneering approaches to overcome cancer in all its forms

why do we fund research into all cancer types?

Sadly, 9.6 million people die from cancer every year worldwide, and 1 Australian dies every 12 minutes from cancer. Cancer doesn’t discriminate, which is why Cure Cancer funds crucial research from bright young scientists working across all cancer types.

Our work won’t be done until we find a cure for all cancers.

Over the last ten years our research alumni have attracted on average an additional $45 of future research funding for every dollar we have invested in them.
Prof Roger Reddel , Cure Cancer Alumni

Prof Roger Reddel, Cure Cancer Alumni