The Groundbreaking Research Cure Cancer is Funding in 2024

By Emily Usher | 2 February 2024

Marking World Cancer Day, Cure Cancer is delighted to announce the funding of 14 new research projects across a broad range of cancer types. 

On February 4th, as the world commemorates World Cancer Day, an occasion dedicated to raising global awareness about cancer prevention, detection, and treatment, we at Cure Cancer are proud to share our continued support for brilliant research that can impact millions of lives affected by the devastating disease.

In line with our mission to back brave-thinking and kick-starting new ideas in cancer research, we've taken significant strides forward by increasing our funding for researchers this year by an impressive 50%. Additionally, in our ongoing dedication to fostering innovation, we've introduced 2-year grants for this round. Our aim is to provide crucial support that kick-starts the careers of emerging researchers, whose fresh perspectives and bold ideas are breaking new ground.

Amidst this momentous occasion, we are thrilled to introduce our 2024 research cohort. This remarkable group will carry out research projects in the following areas:

Blood cancer

Dr Emily Gruber, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre at The University of Melbourne, VIC 

Dr Heather Murray, Blood cancer, Centre for Cancer Research Innovation and Translation at The University of Newcastle, NSW

Bowel cancer

Dr Peter Georgeson, Centre for Cancer Research and Department of Clinical Pathology at The University of Melbourne, VIC 

Dr Lochlan Fennell, Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monash University, VIC 

Dr Kevin Fenix, Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research at The University of Adelaide, SA 

Brain cancer

Dr Taskeen Janjua, School of Pharmacy at The University of Queensland, QLD 

A/Prof Orazio Vittorio, Childhood brain cancer, Lowy Cancer Centre at The University of New South Wales, NSW 

Breast cancer

Dr Kellie Mouchemore, Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute at La Trobe University, VIC 

Childhood cancer

Dr Ben Wylie, Telethon Kids Institute at The University of Western Australia, WA 

Liver cancer

Dr Jennifer Currenti, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research at Curtin University, WA 

Lung cancer

Dr Mohamed Saad, The South Australian ImmunoGenomics Cancer Institute at The University of Adelaide, SA 

Dr Arutha Kulasinghe, Frazer Institute at The University of Queensland, QLD 

Dr Zhian Chen, The University of Queensland, QLD 

Rare cancers

 Dr Adel Aref, Mesothelioma, Children's Medical Research Institute at The University of Sydney, NSW 

“In 2022, we launched our in-house grants program to kick-start the most promising research projects across all cancer types in Australia,” said Cure Cancer CEO, Nikki Kinloch. “The response has been incredibly positive, as for the second consecutive year, we've received over a hundred applications from exceptionally talented researchers across the nation. This underscores the crucial need for more funding avenues to support our dedicated scientists.” 

Cure Cancer is so excited to see the difference these incredible research projects will make to anyone affected by cancer. Now in our 57th year, we remain dedicated to funding more groundbreaking cancer research, especially from those still early in their careers. Our community of researchers, fundraisers and partners take on every cancer, working together to find the most impactful solutions in record time.

We know that by continuing to fund this work, we are one step closer to a world where cancer no longer poses a threat.