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Custom Xbox Series X Auction

Bid now for one of a kind Xbox Series X consoles inspired by groundbreaking cancer research

Xbox ANZ and Cure Cancer, partnering with Dr. Arutha Kulasinghe from The University of Queensland, have unveiled three custom
Xbox Series X consoles
 inspired by Dr. Kulasinghe’s award-winning cancer research. 

The distinctive designs on these consoles draws inspiration from Dr. Kulasinghe’s tumour mapping approach using Akoya Biosciences spatial analysis technology. This process allows medical experts and specialists to identify specific cancer cells and offer personalised treatment for the first time. This tumour mapping technique is life-changing for those who are undergoing cancer treatment.

From 9th April until 30th April 2024, the custom-designed consoles will be on display at the Microsoft Experience Centre at Westfield Sydney, while the auction is running.

Auction has now ended.

You helped raise $5,072 for cancer research!

“These groundbreaking realisations of how cells organise and communicate have been captured by these images that are now featured on the Xbox Series X consoles.

With Xbox and Cure Cancer, we’ve been able to further highlight the transformative leaps we’ve achieved in cancer research.”

- Dr. Arutha Kulasinghe

About Dr Arutha Kulasinghe

Dr Arutha Kulasinghe is a Group Leader at the University of Queensland and the Scientific Director of the Queensland Spatial Biology Centre at the Wesley Research Institute. Having seen relatives suffer from the disease, and witnessing first-hand how it impacts families and communities, he was determined to move into cancer research with a specific focus on immunotherapy. 

Arutha views immunotherapies, a cancer treatment that stimulates an immune response to equip the body to fight tumours, as a game changer. Using novel spatial-mapping technology, he is determined to use the full potential of immunotherapies for treatment for all cancers.

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Xbox Series X consoles inspired by Dr Kulasinghe’s cancer research

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