3 fundraisers share their tips on how to prepare for City2Surf

By Emily Usher | 14 June 2024

With just a couple of months until Team Cure Cancer take to the streets as part of the world’s biggest (and best) fun run, our fundraisers are sharing their top tips to get you race ready!

Centre right: Alex, Cure Cancer's Head of Communications and PR, running the City2Surf in a Sailor Moon costume to raise funds for cancer research. 

City2Surf is one of the highlights of our fitness calendar, but if you’ve been involved before, you’ll know the world’s biggest fun run isn’t all fun and games! It takes hard work, determination, and a big old dose of positivity to get you to the finish line, so if you’re struggling to gear up your fitness or fundraising efforts, fear not – our inspiring runners are here to help!

Read on to hear from three super motivated fundraisers, whose fun and practical advice will have you geared up and ready to go quicker than you can lace up your runners…

Why did you decide to sign up for this year’s City2Surf?

Adam: For me, City2Surf this year represented a great opportunity to both try and stay in a fitness routine, and also to raise money for Cure Cancer. It’s been quite a while since I ran anywhere close to 14km so even a little bit of a personal challenge was also a factor.

Alex: I tried it for the first time in 2022, and although I walked about half of it, I enjoyed it a lot – and I was in costume! This year I thought I’d give it another try, still in costume, but really prepare for it to avoid injuring myself. Initially, it started as a lark, but as I convinced other friends to join me, we all of a sudden turned into a running club! I started seeing the benefits of adding cardio to my weekly routine, and I think City2Surf is sort of the gateway run. As I get better with my pacing and distance, I’ve already started thinking I might be able to do a half-marathon next year. It’s a fun run, so there’s no real pressure, but at the same time, 14km is no joke so I might as well give it a proper go!

Eve: My main reason is in memory of my mum who lost her battle with cervical cancer in Aug 2021 after fighting so hard. I also have a friend who has passed recently so it’s for both of them. I’ve seen City2Surf advertised over the years, then when mum was ill, an advert popped up for Cure Cancer on social media. Dad and I have been buying something online from the Cure Cancer website each year for a Christmas gift to each other, so we can show our support to the charity and to other people too.

What are you doing to make sure you’re race ready on the big day?

Adam: I’m trying to run as much as possible at the moment. It can be difficult to balance a busy schedule with finding the time to train, and Sydney’s weather has been a bit unpredictable, but slowly getting into a routine and running further each time is getting me where I need to be.

Alex: Since January, I’ve consistently started running 3km at least once a week. This went on until March, when I had more friends sign up as well. We started tracking our progress together, giving each other kudos on Strava, sharing tips. I now run 3 times a week with a recovery run, an interval run, and a long run (at least 7km) every Sunday. I’ve also started tracking my protein intake as it aids in recovery and muscle growth, hydrating correctly before and after long runs, and I consulted a physio with my knee injury before I started running more often to make sure that my form was correct and I was working the right muscles to run or jog the whole 14km. At the moment, I can do 11km without stopping, no knee pain, and can even have a conversation in between – which is a far cry from the total zero I started the year with!

Eve: I’m aiming to have a really good night’s sleep. I’ll also make sure I eat well the night before. I like to have lots of carbs – maybe pasta or lasagna.

What’s your top training/fitness tip?

Adam: Try to find a consistent time each week that you can set aside for training, and also stretch and prepare for each run beforehand.

Alex: Don’t just do the same kind of pace every run – interval or speed runs changed my life and made running more fun! I used to hate running. Now I consider it essential.

Eve: Try to run around three times a week. I’ve been mostly doing 5km and I have also done a few 10km races to keep me motivated. I also think it's important not to push yourself too hard at the start of the race.

What’s your best fundraising tip?

Adam: Put yourself forward and believe in your personal goals. It can be difficult to approach people to help you to fundraise, but people do recognise the challenge and the cause you are fundraising for.

Alex: Start with your family and friends! If you have a birthday coming up, ask them to donate in lieu of gifts.

Eve: Have a reason for people to support you, and make sure you let people know what you’re doing. Having a reason to participate has made me feel more motivated to fundraise.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Adam: The atmosphere throughout the whole day. I think I’ve shied away from a lot of running because it can be quite an individual thing, but City2Surf has such a great vibe and party feel to it.

Alex: Running with my friends and partner and celebrating 14km together! We’re also going with a CAPCOM-themed costumes, so it’s going to be amazing.

The atmosphere! I've seen lots of videos of the finish line and the incredible support on the day.

Anything you’d like to say to the Dr Jen Currenti, whose liver cancer research project you’ll be helping to fund?

Adam: I’m so happy to be raising funds for Dr Currenti's research, the work that goes into this cannot be understated and I hope that I can raise as much as possible for the cause.

Alex: I’m thrilled that my fun run can contribute to your valuable research, and I know your work will touch many lives. Thank you for doing what you do.

Eve: Thank you for choosing to do research in this area. It’s so important.

Want to get involved?

Join us at City2Surf 2024 and help our early-career researchers pave the way to a cancer-free world.

City2Surf not your thing? No problem! Why not check out other events in your area and find a fitness event that works for you!