The Big Hug Box

The Big Hug Box

Cure Cancer Australia ambassador and cancer survivor Lisa Greissl introduces The Big Hug Box, an initiative designed to let you show your support for cancer patients at a time when there are often no words…

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In November 2015, when Lisa Greissl’s youngest daughter Lara was just three months old, Lisa was diagnosed with teratoma of the spine, a malignant and highly aggressive cancer.

Lisa was referred to Sydney oncologist and former Cure Cancer Australia grant recipient Professor Martin Tattersall AO, who prescribed a treatment that he thought was the most suitable.

Fortunately, Lisa’s outcome was good. Following three heavy rounds of chemotherapy, the tumour had shrunk by half. When the tumour was removed during surgery, tests revealed all cancer cells had been killed by the chemotherapy.

Lisa has now been cancer free for over two years, and has become one of Cure Cancer Australia’s most avid fundraisers and supporters. Earlier this year, she developed The Big Hug Box, a charitable initiative that donates its profits to Cure Cancer Australia.

So what is the Big Hug Box?

The Big Hug Box is beautifully curated gift box designed to uplift cancer patients and promote wellness throughout their treatment.  “Each of the boxes contain natural, organic products that have been selected with the needs of the recipient in mind,” says Lisa. “Although every experience is different, the products have been chosen based on the experiences of those who have been through treatment for cancer, and what they felt may have been beneficial through their treatment,” explains Lisa. “Because of this, we hope we’ve been able to select products that reflect the mental and physical challenges that cancer treatment can bring.” 

Sourcing the majority of products from small businesses in and around Newcastle, Lisa and her team worked hard to ensure everything they chose was natural, organic and handmade wherever possible. “Low scent and an ability to uplift and empower were also very important to me.”

The main Big Hug Box includes:

- Anti Nausea Loose Leaf Tea Bags

- Uplift Bath Soak

- Natural 100% Beeswax Citrus and Peppermint Lip balm

- Natural Deodorant

- Smoky Quartz Gemstone Charm

- German Baked Ginger Biscuits

- Satin Pillowcase

- Inspirational Quote card

- 7-Free Nontoxic Nail Polish

- Rotating donated products



The Big Idea

“After my own cancer diagnosis in 2015, there was a huge wave of emotions - anxiety, frustration, sadness and anger,” says Lisa. “A lot of my friends and family didn't know what to do or how to help. There was an immense feeling of helplessness. The Big Hug Box came about because I wanted to create something that loved ones could gift to someone going through treatment when there are simply no words.”

For Lisa, the most rewarding aspect of the project has been the feedback she has received. “Hearing people say that The Big Hug Box has allowed them to show their support and love to those going through cancer has been amazing. Some cancer patients have come forward to share their stories with me, and I feel so honoured to be able to follow and support their journeys.”

Last month, Lisa developed a mini version of The Big Hug Box, also known as the Random Hug of Kindness (RHoK) Box. “Every day, hundreds of people find themselves having to attend cancer treatment centres. I wanted to create something that would allow absolutely anyone to show their support for those going through cancer."

Lisa developed the idea into a campaign in line with the random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th, which saw 37 RHoK boxes purchased and delivered to patients at the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, a cancer treatment centre in Sydney. “We were so proud of the campaign, and because of its success, we’ll now be rolling it out permanently and delivering boxes on a quarterly basis. It’s just a small purchase, but the impact it can have is huge.”

The Big Hug Box and Cure Cancer Australia

Having experienced cancer first hand, Lisa understands the importance of investing in research. “My oncologist, Professor Tattersall, prescribed me a treatment that saved my life. Professor Tattersall has received three grants from Cure Cancer Australia, and that just goes to show why it is so important to invest in emerging researchers who have these brilliant, unexplored ideas. Without his treatment, I may not be standing here today. By purchasing a Big Hug Box, you’ll not only be supporting a cancer patient, you’ll be contributing to the research that might one day put an end to this disease for good.”

To find out more or to purchase a Big Hug Box, head to

Profits are donated to Cure Cancer Australia in support of Australia’s brightest emerging cancer researchers.

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