You Are Not Invited


Host a virtual BARBECURE and let everyone know you simply don’t want them to come.

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We get it. Life gets busy sometimes, and before you know it, it’s already…March?! No, we have no idea how that happened either.

If the idea of hosting a BARBECURE has been at the back of your mind, but you’re slowly realising that it’s just not going to happen this year, then we’ve come up with the perfect solution…

What is a Virtual BARBECURE?

A Virtual BARBECURE is a fundraising initiative designed to help raise money to support Australia’s brightest emerging cancer researchers. But rather than hosting a ‘real’ BARBECURE, you can encourage your friends and family to support the campaign by simply making a donation to your page.

Virtual BARBECUREs are set up in exactly the same way as regular BARBECUREs. All you have to do is set up a page, and then use the ‘My Story’ section to let everyone know that you’re hosting a Virtual BARBECURE.

What’s in it for the non-attendees?

Think about it this way…

-       No one needs to worry about what they’re going to wear

-       No one has to think about travel arrangements, parking and who’s going to drive home

-       No one has to make small talk with strangers

Instead, by making a tax deductable donation, all your non-invitees get to enjoy a lovely, relaxing day at home…whilst still make a huge difference!

Here’s a little template to get you started:

We’re hosting a Virtual BARBECURE, and we don’t want you to come!

We all know how busy life gets, so this year we’ve decided to host a Virtual BARBECURE instead!

The idea is to help raise as much money as possible for Australia’s brightest emerging researchers, working across all areas of cancer research and all cancer types.

But rather than having to block out a date in your busy diaries, worry about what you’re going to wear, think about travel arrangements and struggle through small talk with strangers…

We’re simply asking that you make a donation to this page and enjoy a lovely, relaxing day at home instead.

Remember, all donations of $2 and above are tax deductible.

Why not show your support for the initiative by snapping a BARBECURE selfie and sharing it across your social media channels with the hashtag #virtualbarbecure.

Find out more here.

Let’s cure cancer Australia, one Virtual BARBECURE at a time!

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