Alexander’s Story

Christmas Appeal 2019 - Alexander and Glenn Marshall 3.jpg

It was right before Christmas 13 years ago that I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

As a seven year old, that was tough to take, especially as it meant spending a lot of my childhood in and out of hospital. But I was one of the lucky ones. 

I'm here today because cancer research saved my life.

This is me on the day we were told I was cured with my oncologist, Professor Glenn Marshall. Glenn received his first research grant from Cure Cancer long before I was born. Thankfully, he's devoted his life to childhood cancer.

As a survivor, I'm proof that cancer research is the only way to find a cure.

Please make an incredible gift this Christmas. Make a donation to fund lifesaving cancer research.

Cancer is indiscriminate, and it has a huge effect on everyone who is affected by it. My family were told that there was a 25% chance I wouldn't make it. Yet I'm still here to tell my story today.

Without research and the work of Professor Glenn Marshall and Cure Cancer, who knows what my future might have looked like?

Please consider a Christmas gift to Australians everywhere - a donation toward cancer research. A donation toward a cure.

Merry Christmas,