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Cure Cancer is committed to funding groundbreaking new research across every cancer type, including the most common and rare cancers.

Find out about the research we have funded and the breakthroughs we have made possible within each cancer type below.

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Blood cancer

Over 19,400 Australians are diagnosed with blood cancer. They need your help to win this fight.

Breast cancer

Over 20,640 Australians, men and women, will find out they have breast cancer this year. 

Childhood cancer

More than 1000 Australian children are diagnosed with cancer each year.

Bone cancer

More than 300 new cases of primary bone cancer are diagnosed in Australia every year.

Brain cancer

Almost 1,900 new cases of brain cancer are diagnosed in Australia every year.

Gastro-intestinal cancer

Gastro-intestinal cancers include oesophageal, stomach, small intestine, bowel, and anal cancers.

Gynaecological cancer

Every 1.3 hours an Australian woman is diagnosed with gynaecological cancer.

Lung cancer

Each year, over 14,000 new cases of lung cancer were estimated to be diagnosed in Australia.

Penile cancer

More than 100 new cases of penile cancer are diagnosed in Australia every year.

Prostate cancer

Over 24,000 Australian men are diagnosed with  prostate cancer each year.

Skin cancer

Each year, over 18,000 people are diagnosed with melanoma, and over 400,000 are diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancers.

Testicular cancer

Around 1,000 new cases of testicular cancer are diagnosed in Australia every year.

Rare cancer

It is estimated that 42,000 people are diagnosed with a form of rare or less common cancer in Australia every year.

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