Fundraising superstar: Hang McGuire

Fundraising Superstar: 

Hang McGuire

This week, we talk to the amazing Hang McGuire, a Cure Cancer Australia fundraising SUPERstar who is one of our Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2017’s highest fundraisers.

The McGuire Family

The McGuire Family

Juggling work and family life is never easy, which is why we’re so in awe of Cure Cancer Australia fundraiser Hang McGuire. A busy working mum to two beautiful little girls, Hang has somehow found the time to not only take part in Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2017, but is also one of the top fundraisers of the event!

Hang’s fundraising inspiration is one particularly close to her heart. Earlier this year, Hang’s husband Andrew was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Thankfully, his young age, fitness and early detection means the prognosis is positive. Nevertheless, the diagnosis has had a big impact on the family;

‘Andrew has been undergoing chemotherapy for the past couple of months, and although his body is generally handling the treatment well, we still have our fair share of really crappy days! It’s also been challenging to find the balance between giving our daughters information about what is happening without frightening them too much.’

Despite the initial shock of the diagnosis, Hang and Andrew were determined to create something positive from their situation;

‘Andrew’s cancer was diagnosed early on and he’s doing well, but not everyone is that lucky. Our circumstances have really made me realise the importance of cancer research. It's so critical that researchers have the funding they need to carry out their work so that one day they might be able to find a cure - not only for bowel cancer but all cancers.’

Andrew McGuire and his two daughters at the beach.

Andrew McGuire and his two daughters at the beach.

Having decided to take part in this year’s Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, Hang set herself an ambitious target of $2000. However, her hard work has seen her almost triple this figure, already raising an incredible $5,872 for Cure Cancer Australia!

‘By participating in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2017, I feel like I can make a small contribution to raising much needed funds for Cure Cancer Australia,’ says Hang. ‘Their work is really important, and I want to do what I can to help - but there is only so much I can do on my own. I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me already. Every dollar makes a difference, and I truly believe that together we can help Cure Cancer Australia create the world we want to see.’

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Hang and all her supporters, and wish everyone participating in Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2017 good luck. If you would like to sponsor Hang, head to her donation page and then spread the word by sharing her story and page with your friends, family and social networks.

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Go Team Cure Cancer Australia!

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