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Every 8 hours, a woman dies from ovarian cancer. Research is critically underfunded.

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Can help fund microscopy to look for immune cells in tumours
Can help provide lab supplies for up to ten vital experiments
Can help provide cutting-edge software to analyse cells

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Image: Jo Yates, ovarian cancer survivor

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Nothing prepares you for the moment a doctor asks you if you want to keep your cervix and uterus

Every year, nearly 2,000 women and people with ovaries are blindsided by a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Dubbed the silent killer, it's the deadliest gynaecological cancer, and is often undetected until it's too late due to the vagueness of symptoms. Despite this, research on ovarian cancer is critically underfunded and there are no screening or early detection test.

This month*, your help is urgently needed to help raise $20K for ovarian cancer research. Thanks to our generous friend, Vicky Kvisle, your donations will be DOUBLED:

“As a Lifetime Member of Cure Cancer, I believe in the power of collective action. For every $1 you contribute, I will match and amplify your impact during March. Let's join hands, hearts and dollars to reach our goal of $20,000, ensuring that hope and healing prevail in the face of ovarian cancer. Together, we are not just fighting; we are winning." 

$13,582 raised

$20,000 Goal

$13,582 raised

$20,000 Goal

Jo Yates (pictured above) is one of the lucky ones. Diagnosed early due to a proactive doctor, she still remembers the chilling moment when her doctor told her she needed an immediate hysterectomy in her early 40s. Like many women before her, ovarian cancer had crept into her life silently, without any warning signs. 

Today, she is cancer-free and stands as a testament to the importance of funding cutting-edge ovarian cancer research.

You can play a vital role in ensuring other people, like Jo, receive a second chance at life by supporting groundbreaking, new research that aims to detect ovarian cancer earlier, develop more effective treatments, and ultimately save lives.

*This Matched Giving campaign will close on 31 March 2023.

Jo Yates

Nothing prepares you for the moment a doctor asks you if you want to keep your cervix and uterus, and in the same breath, tells you that you will go into menopause. But ovarian cancer survivor Jo Yates counts herself as one of the lucky ones. 

Jo had never heard of ovarian cancer and had no obvious symptoms. It was only through a standard pap smear that her doctor found something unusual. After an ultrasound and CT scan, they discovered tumours in her ovaries. She needed a hysterectomy right away.

While she hadn’t planned on having kids, Jo knows that for other women who want to be mothers, an ovarian cancer diagnosis is even more devastating.

Dr Emily Colvin

Dr Emily Colvin sought to examine the importance of non-cancer cells in ovarian tumours. Her goal was to identify those cells as targets for new and more effective therapies, and find ways to diagnose the disease earlier. 

This research is crucial because ovarian cancer is the deadliest gynaecological cancer and is often diagnosed late with poor survival rates. Despite initial chemotherapy success, many patients' cancer returns and becomes resistant. 

Emily's Cure Cancer-funded project aimed to understand these cells better, helping to improve ovarian cancer treatment and quality of life for patients.

Your donation to ovarian cancer DOUBLED

$75 = $150

Can pay for microscopy to identify cancer-fighting immune cells in tumours

$125 = $250

Can cover general lab supplies for vital experiments

$550 = $1100

Can provide cutting-edge software to analyse cells

Why your support matters

As we celebrate Women's History Month during March, we recognise the importance of standing in solidarity with women bravely facing the challenges of ovarian cancer. By supporting Cure Cancer, you're joining a community dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of these women and their families.

Your contribution fuels groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind research projects that focus on improving outcomes for ovarian cancer patients. Your generosity holds the potential to transform lives and instill hope in those confronting this devastating illness.

Together, during Women's History Month and beyond, we can enact meaningful change. Donate now and make a lasting impact on women's health. 

Thank you for your support

Your generous donation will not only contribute to the next breakthrough in ovarian cancer research but also give hope to thousands of people living with ovarian cancer.

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